Buying online from RuntzBuds is very simple. just follow the various step on how to place your order. if you have any difficulties don’t hesitate to call or email us.


STEP 1: Perus catalog

Perus catalog and select your desired  product(s) or type what you are looking for in the search box.


STEP 2: Add to cart

Click the desired product

Check product image and description

Select product quantity and click add to cart to proceed


STEP 3: Shipping opptions

Once add product(s) to cart, you will have to choose between standard shipping ( takes 2 to 4days ) and overnight shipping ( takes 1 to 3days depending on your location). and international shipping if you are not located within the US ( takes 3 to 5days ) then proceed to chechout.


STEP 4: Checkout

Here you will need to check if everything is ok, fill in your billing address and other information then proceed.


STEP 5: Payment options

you will have to choose between western union, money gram and bitcoin. orders will only be shipped once payment is made and confirmed.


STEP 6: Tracking

Once payment is made, your order will proceed and tracking number will be emailed to you.